Membership Consignment Agreement

johnrosemont's Membership Consignment Agreement 

 Members/consignors, you may come by our location to drop off or ship your sneakers at

16230 Whittier Blvd. Whittier, CA 90603 United States. 

Members/Consignors are fully responsible for anything related to shipping of their item(s).

Please refer to the following below on what information to provide along with the physical product(s) you choose to consign. If information below is not provided at the time of consignment agreement between johnrosemont and Member/Consignor when received upon shipment, Member/Consignor must refer to information below and send to immediately. Item(s) received upon shipment will be in possession, not in stock, and only available in store for Member/Consignor to either retrieve or sort issue accordingly.




 City:                                                                     State:                           Zip:                                          


Tel: _________________________               Email:                                                                                       



Consignment Period Begins:                                                    Ends:                                                     





Consignor Signature:                                                                                 Date:                                               



Print Name:                                                                                                                                                              





johnrosemont Signature:                                                                                 Date:                                                   




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Ask Price



johnrosemont does not guarantee your items will sell while member's product is in possession.  johnrosemont may retain the right to accept or decline any item for consignment at any time.


Percentage of Commission. Member/Consignor will receive 100% of the agreed selling price(s). 5% or $10 upfront is required per sneaker, whichever number is greater. ______ (initials)  


Product Promotion. johnrosemont and Member/Consignor agrees johnrosemont will advertise item(s) and use any other outlets such as Instagram in order to sell item(s) in possession. Member/Consignor agrees to allow johnrosemont to handle promotion as they see fit.


Item condition. johnrosemont accepts only brand new, lightly used, and authentic sneakers to put up for consignment. Member/Consignor agrees to have johnrosemont examine item(s) to determine whether all product being consigned is authentic and allowed on shelves. johnrosemont may remove product off shelves, instagram, website or anywhere item(s) of Member/Consignor is advertised if item(s) later deemed fake or not authentic. Member/Consignor presented all defects, missing accessories, or any information believed necessary to item(s) have been presented to johnrosemont. If anything is later brought to light when in possession, johnrosemont has the approval of Member/Consignor to contact them and give them the option to return the item or sell at another price not initially agreed on this contract.

In good faith, Member/Consignor agrees that the item(s) consigned is, to their knowledge, authentic.


Payout. Member/Consignor will be sent money via zelle, check, or cash every Tuesday. Member/Consignor may choose to pick up paycheck at johnrosemont's location anytime during hours of operation. Member/Consignor is responsible for retrieving payment for items sold. johnrosemont is not responsible to pay Member/Consignor until item(s) up for consignment are sold. 


Consignment Period. Member/Consignor agrees that item(s) consigned are to stay in johnrosemont's possession until either sold, when membership period ends, or when Member/Consignor retrieves item(s). Member/Consignor agrees that item(s) retrieved during consignment period are the same item(s) that they first brought in to johnrosemont. johnrosemont and Member/Consignor agree that there are no fees when item(s) retrieved by Member/Consignor during Consignment Period. Last but not least, Member/Consignor is responsible for monitoring item(s) in johnrosemont's possession and must either pick up item(s) or give johnrosemont full consent on whether item(s) should be in stock or not for purchase due to ended consignment period. 


Liability. If Item(s) owned by Member/Consignor are found to be counterfeit by johnrosemont at any time while johnrosemont is in possession of item(s) or ends up selling counterfeit item(s) to customer, then Member/Consigner agrees to compensate johnrosemont for any damages, which includes theft, all judgments, liens, fines, etc. _____ (initial)


 Please do not consign an item if you do not agree with johnrosemont's Member Consignment Agreement.


I, Member/Consignor, have read and agree to the conditions and terms of this contract. I understand that johnrosemont has the right to decline any consignment of any item(s) that do not meet johnrosemont's standards for any reason, which include those not listed in this agreement. 


Consignor SIGN HERE: